> From: Melchior FRANZ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> * Jim Wilson -- Friday 28 January 2005 19:00:
> > This is an example of a configuration entry which should explain how it is 
> > used:
> > 
> >  <animation>
> >   <type>material-emission</type>
> >   <object-name>Face</object-name>
> >   <property>/controls/lighting/instruments-norm</property>
> >   <emiss-red>1.0</emiss-red>
> >   <emiss-green>0.8</emiss-green>
> >   <emiss-blue>0.5</emiss-blue>
> >  </animation>
> Would it be acceptable to change this animation to a generic "material" type
> that supports the other material properties, too?
>   <animation>
>       <type>material</type>
>       <object-name>fuselage</object-name>
>       <condition>
>           <equals>
>               <property>/sim/model/bo105/type</property>
>               <value>1</value>
>           </equals>
>       </condition>
>       <red>0.3</red>
>       <green>0.31</green>
>       <blue>0.26</blue>
>       <ambient>1</ambient>
>       <emission>0</emission>
>       <specular>0.1</specular>
>       <shininess>0</shininess>
>       <transparency>0</transparency>
>   </animation>
> whereby <ambient> would set the red & green & blue component, while
> <ambient-red> would only set the red component. Likewise for specular and 
> emission.
> With this animation one could use a transparent texture with only surface
> structures (ventilation openings, dirt, etc.) while using the color that
> shines through. One could easily change the whole aircraft, select a different
> emblem and, viola, a new aircraft. If I want to do that with means that we 
> have
> today, I would have to double all fuselage textures (see in the MD-11 dir for 
> what
> this means. I only say "3MB per livery"! , and maybe have two or more 
> versions of
> the *.ac file -- almost identical, with only one material line differing 
> (another
> megabyte). And this isn't as theoretical as it may sound: I'd like to have 
> this
> possibility for the bo105. Even if most aircraft wouldn't use any of these,
> more control over the material wouldn't hurt. One never knows what cool things
> people's would use it for.

Sure!  Only change I would make is to offer the ability to set anything that 
can be set.  In other words use the individual emissive-red, emissive-green, 
emissive-blue, ambient-red, ambient-green, abient-blue, etc.  No sense in 
shooting for something below opengl's capabilities.   If you want to get fancy, 
set it up to do it both by the syntax your example shows (with the multipliers) 
but also allow the values to be specified by color for each state.

While you are at it ;-) see if you can substitute textures specified in the xml 
configuration right after loading the model.  I think would be reasonable to do 
it and some folks might like to contribute repaints.  It's been on my list,  
but work has just been getting in the way.  Getting enough time to read the 
list has been about it for the last couple months.

Best regards,


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