* Jim Wilson -- Friday 18 March 2005 04:16:
> > From: Melchior FRANZ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >       <red>0.3</red>
> >       <green>0.31</green>
> >       <blue>0.26</blue>
> >       <ambient>1</ambient>
> >       <emission>0</emission>
> > whereby <ambient> would set the red & green & blue component, while
> > <ambient-red> would only set the red component. Likewise for specular and 
> > emission.

> Only change I would make is to offer the ability to set anything that can be 
> set.
> In other words use the individual emissive-red, emissive-green, emissive-blue,
> ambient-red, ambient-green, abient-blue, etc.  

Of course. That's what I meant -- with <ambient> only being a shorthand for
<ambient-{red,green,blue}>, which are available, too. But this abstraction isn't
such a big gain, and I'll drop that feature. Better always state the three 
separately, even if they have the same value. I started with colors and 
<red> and <red-prop> in analogy with <longitude-deg> and <longitude-deg-prop>,
whereby the *-prop variant takes a property name, e.g.:


> No sense in shooting for something below opengl's capabilities.


> While you are at it ;-) see if you can substitute textures specified in the 
> xml configuration right after loading the model.  I think would be reasonable 
> to do it and some folks might like to contribute repaints.  It's been on my 
> list,  but work has just been getting in the way. 

Hey, I don't want to take your pets away. I'll send you what I have once
it's usable. Yesterday I already changed the bo105's color via property
browser. Fun to play with, and nice for development purposes. Also, one could
change hot turbo chargers to glowing red, or change the exhaust beam color
from redish to blueish, etc.


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