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Hi all,

As John W., I've downloaded the sources and compared the opengc_data.hxx in the two codes, and there are some parameters of the class ogcFGData in the FG side that are missing in the opengc source:

int reserved;
// position
double    elevation;
// engine data
double    oil_temp[4];
double    oil_quantity[4];
double    hyd_pressure[4];
// fuel system
double main_tank;
double tank[4];

With UDP the data packet should be read by opengc, but with the data structure mis-aligned the bits will not necessarily be reconstituted into the correct data variables and format One ploy you might try is to reduce the size of the data packet on both sides down to a few variables (say lat and lon) by editing the opengc_data.hxx files and see if the data channel is working. Use your favorite network tool to look at the traffic or dump/print out what FG is sending and OpenGC is receiving.

The protocol is simple and straightforward and allows the user the flexibility to redefine the data structure on both ends of the interface

I took a quick peek at the network code in OpenGC and it has been changed from the version I originally submitted. I'm not using it and have not had a chance to analyze exactly what was changed.

John W.

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