Jim Wilson wrote:
> 4) Fixed rpm/power numbers under the prop tags.  They need to be
>    scaled back according to the gear ratio.  Someone with a better
>    understanding of mech engineering might be able to explain why the
>    BHP on the prop shaft is reduced by a factor of 0.35 when that's
>    the gear ratio, or maybe that is wrong and there is something going
>    on in the YASim calcs.

Yeah, that's a bug.  Power is power.  If the prop wants to sync X
horsepower at Y RPM, then the engine ought to be defined as producing
the same X hp at Y/gear-ratio RPM.

Let me take a look.

> It seems that is what you have to do to get a solution that works.
> In any case YASim should at least do some sanity checking here to
> avoid the endless loop thing.

Indeed.  The problem is that simply exiting the loop in
stabilizeThrust() isn't enough to tell you what the problem is.


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