* Jim Wilson -- Wednesday 23 March 2005 21:10:
> > From: Melchior
> > All you need to remember is that there are four groups (diffuse|ambient|
> > emission|specular), each with optional members 
> > (red|green|blue|factor|offset)
> > or their respective *-prop variants. No need to mess with classes, 
> > classtypes,
> > colortypes and the like. 
> That looks good.  How about just "property" in place of "factor-prop"... or am
> I missing something? 

Well, "factor" says what it does. "property" doesn't. And I do still want to 
fixed factors, hence "factor" and "factor-prop". It's a matter of consistency.
I would have to explain in the documentation why it's 
but just "factor" (fixed factor) and "property" (variable factor). And, frankly,
I couldn't explain it. There's no apparent reason. What makes a multiplicator so
special that it has to be treated different from an offset? (Consistency with 
animations is certainly desirable, but not if it seems unnatural.)


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