* Jim Wilson -- Thursday 24 March 2005 01:22:
> Ah...Ok.  I'm seeing this as the single variable driving an animation...

Which it isn't. One <property> is OK for animations or hierarchy levels that
have only *one* "live" property. It is braindead and wrong for cases where
there are two or more live properties. Here, usability of this very animation,
and consistency with *itself*, have priority over consistency with other
animations that are completely different, anyway.

>I wasn't thinking about your wiz bang cameleon helicopter dialog :-) 

You make it sound as if I designed the animation primarily for the benefit of a
"wiz bang" gimmick, which is almost a bit offending. To make it clear: I hadn't
even thought about that dialog until I had decided for the old & badly flat
approach. I wrote the dialog afterwards, because Andy suggested a dialog 
he meant a bo105 dialog only, which I've done now, too), and the material dialog
is IMHO a very useful development tool. And it could easily be adapted to any
naming convention and hierarchy. If you bring up the <property> thing once
again, I insist on resurrecting "material-emission". Sheesh.  :->

> Sorry...a little slow today.

Hehe ... never mind. I'm always slow. (And I'm sorry for the harsh words. But
the rest of the paralyzed developers here need to be entertained! Or are boring
threads like this the reason for the silence?  ;-)


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