Curtis L. Olson wrote:
I'd like to take a whack at making the FGNetFDM and FGNetCTRLS structures more portable across platforms and OS's. There are some serious problems right now going between 32 and 64 bit architectures. There are other minor problems going between different OS's.

Yeah, that would be great. It's best to avoid structs completely for that though.

I see that Linux (C99) has an inttypes.h include that defines
||int8_t, int16_t, int32_t, int64_t and ||uint8_t, uint16_t, uint32_t, uint64_t
|Using these instead of things like bool, int, and time_t could go a *long* ways toward removing ambiguity in the sizes of these across different platforms and architectures.|
Can anyone confirm or deny if this or something close to it exists in MSVC? I believe all the modern unix based platforms should have this already, but windows sometimes blazes it's own trail ... :-)

I think almost all modern compilers define these one way or another. If not it would be possible to define them for these compilers ourselves.


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