There are 3 problems preventing the successfull build of simgear on my system, one in alctypes.h, and two in alc.h.
Vivian mentioned the problem with alctypes.h back in february, 2005. Norman suggested a fix here:
Norman's fix: changing
Norman's fix solves the alctypes.h problem on my Cygwin system. Could someone please make this change in CVS to alctypes.h? The file is in include/al.
This fixes the `soundmgr_openal.cxx problem.
A problem then occurs with building xmlsound.cxx.
The same fix given above needs to be also added to line 13 of alc.h
Also line 20 of alc.h must be changed to:
#if defined (_MSC_VER) || defined(WIN32)
Could someone please also make these two changes in CVS to alc.h?
With these changes, simgear builds OK on my system.
Sorry it's taken so long to figure this out. Thanks to Norman and Vivian for pointing this out in the first place.
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