Hi all,

That must be a newbie question but I downloaded the source code in order to try some things in the commuinication with OpenGC, but compiling in MSVC++ 6.0 gives me a lot of warnings and errors. Since the source package has the MSVC++ project description file, I think that it means that the code has been compiled in it.

It has been a lot of time since I learned C++, but some of the errors are things like changing values of object's parameters by direct access instead of using public functions. I have alse get a lot of errors in the weather module, creating clouds iterators. No errors of missing modules, I've downloaded all of them (OpenAL, PLib, ZLib, etc...)

Is this normal trying to compile in Windows? Does the source code of the latest stable release compile without warnings or errors?

Can anybody help me or tell me where to look at? I read some information, but related to .NET 2003.

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