Well, it really took a very long time for getting there !

The second half of 2004 I didn't make a single flight due to timely
and/or monetary restrictions. Afterwards I had to bear almost four
months of delay because we never managed to match free time and good
weather for the first solo.
We have runway 13/31 at EDLN - in a region where wind from WNW is
predominant, which means we have crosswind most of the time ....

I already had more than 120 landings with three different aircraft on
four different airfields (two of them more than one and a half hours of
flight distance) in my logbook so the first three solo traffic circuits
were not that much thrilling.
I made a few, mostly neglectible mistakes, for example by setting too
little power on the final with 10 kts headwind so I had to increase
power when I was already overhead the approach lights. _But_ the good
thing with flying solo is: It is much easier to remember those mistakes
that you corrected _yourself_ on a solo flight than the mistakes that
your instructor made you aware of  :-)

There's nothing better than flying,
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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