* Richard Harke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > OK, I'll try that, thanks for the help.
> I'm not familiar with your joystick model but apparently it is similar
> to the X45. fgjs will not work with X45 because of the way a couple
> of mode switches work. They always have at least one of the bits on
> which fgjs sees as a button push so that it just skips down the list.
> The problem is that fgjs just checks for a button being on, not a
> change of the bit value. It other words, fgjs assumes that normally
> all buttons are off. I was going to fix this at one time but then I
> realized I didn't really need fgjs.

I'd say the X52 then has exactly this problem. One bit is always on,
since it has a mode-switch (doesn't do anything without the
windows-software) which always has a bit set.
Would be nice if fgjs could check for a change, not a bit. I'm quite
sure, the X52 is not the only joystick out there that has this
"feature". :)
Thanks for the hint.
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