> I have the same problem with Main/renderer.cxx. Your solution 
> (or one very
> like it) solves the problem. I guess near/far are reserved 
> words in Cygwin?
> Thereafter, FGFS compiles and runs under Cygwin. 
> I'm not using Andy's libs, but those built by Norman, with a couple of
> tweaks which have been listed recently (although these may not now be
> needed, since OpenAl has reportedly fixed the problems). Your 
> errors seem to
> be lib-related so perhaps the solution lies there. Norman's libs are
> available at:  
> ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Win32/openal_cyg.tgz
> Regards,
> Vivian

Thanks for the pointer to the Norman's libs. I had been looking for those but 
could not find them anywhere.

It appears that it is working now. How are Andy's libs meant to be used?

One point I have discovered, is that (on Cygwin at least) the shortcut to your 
home directory, ~/, doesn't seem to get parsed properly when setting fg-root:

        $ fgfs --fg-root=~/FGFS/FlightGear/data/

        Base package check failed ... Found version [none] at: 
        Please upgrade to version: 0.9.8

        $ fgfs --fg-root=/home/Richard.Bytheway/FGFS/FlightGear/data/

        ...(normal startup)

Thanks again.


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