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* Erik Hofman -- Thursday 31 March 2005 13:27:

That's what Wiki's are for:

That's really where the FAQ should be maintained, too, as long as someone is regularly archiving the contents. (I tried with wget, but it failed because it doesn't like the space in "Flight Gear".) I would certainly contribute to a FAQ there, but am not keen to take over the whole FAQ maintainership. (I'm only interested and knowledgable in some fgfs (on Linux) topics, but don't care for others, let alone other operating systems.)

We recently lost our FAQ maintainer. It would be great if someone would be willing to step forward and contribute on this front. You don't need to be a flightgear expert, just someone willing to catalog and document common questions and answers ... basically watch for people commenting that "such and such should really be in the FAQ" and then putting it there.

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