* Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I'd say the X52 then has exactly this problem. One bit is always on,
> > since it has a mode-switch (doesn't do anything without the
> > windows-software) which always has a bit set.
> You can write a joystick definition to use that mode switch however
> you want; on all systems.  Take a look at the X45.xml file for an
> example.

That's true, but the "original" use for the Switch on the X52 is to
switch profiles during the game, that's what the LCD on the
throttle is for. But this is only supported by the windows-software.
Only the stop-watch works "out-of-the-box".
IMHO the X45 didn't have a LCD. And for me, the bit set due to the
switch is just causing trouble :)
It would still be nice to have fgjs only check for changed bits, not
activated ones.

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