The Superfort's flaps and gear are electrically powered, and the controls for both are instantaneous switches. ie. you have to hold the switch the whole cycle to keep the motor running. Can anyone think of a way to do this? For all I can tell, there's no way to tell YASim to stop the flaps anywhere but a detent, and I don't want to have to define 30 or 40 detents just to simulate a smooth action that can be stopped anywhere.

As for the gear, I suppose there is a way to get Nasal to slowly change gear-pos-norm and then flip the gear extended property once they are fully extended, but I haven't figured it out yet. Also, I need to find a way to block gear commands that are defined in custom keyboard.xml and joystick files, but the only way I can think of requires that I know what input is tied to the command, which I won't unless it happens not to be a custom setup.


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