Josh Babcock wrote:
> The Superfort's flaps and gear are electrically powered, and the
> controls for both are instantaneous switches. ie. you have to hold the
> switch the whole cycle to keep the motor running. Can anyone think of
> a way to do this? For all I can tell, there's no way to tell YASim to
> stop the flaps anywhere but a detent

YASim takes control input as a floating point number that can have any
value you want.  It doesn't "stop" the flaps except to seek to the
number you give it.  The "transition-time" feature is more or less
deprecated in favor of Nasal's interpolate() function.

Take a look at the Nasal code in controls.nas (especially slewProp(),
which looks like exactly what you want) and please ask nicely if you
have any questions. :)

> As for the gear, I suppose there is a way to get Nasal to slowly
> change gear-pos-norm and then flip the gear extended property once
> they are fully extended, but I haven't figured it out yet

Same deal.  If the hard-coded "transition-time" semantics aren't what
you want, you can do anything else with Nasal.

> Also, I need to find a way to block gear commands that are defined
> in custom keyboard.xml and joystick files,

Blocking user customizations is almost guaranteed to be a disaster.
What is this for?


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