* Andy Ross -- Wednesday 06 April 2005 18:11:
> Interpolate considers the frame rate, but it needs to know ahead of
> time when the change will stop.  Unless you can read the mind of the
> user, that isn't possible in this case.

Um ... you make it sound as if my version doesn't work. But it is of
course tested and does work. So, what is the real problem with it?
I start interplation towards the targeted end position and let it be
done in C++ space. I don't even care how long the user presses the
button (and why would I?). As soon as (s)he releases it, I stop the
interpolation. Doesn't sound insane to me (but I haven't checked the
interpolation code for immoral actions).  :-)

> No, key repeat is an annoying complication actually.  If we could turn
> it off in all cases I would be much happier.

I agree. That's another case where a bug simply should get fixed
where it is, rather than working around it.

> I believe the repeatable=true feature *does* work with freeglut,
> though, no?  What is the complciation there?

I have forgotten what it was exaclty. But it broke the Spitfire
ignition. free-glut isn't entirely glut compatible w.r.t keyboard
repeat default. Maybe setting the behavior in fg_os.cxx would already
be enough.


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