On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 17:36, Erik Hofman wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:
> > To my knowledge there _are_ aircraft in FlightGear that are build upon
> > real data. Right ?
> Yes, the C172p. At least and the F-104, F-15 and F-16 are based on 
> windtunnel data. The T-37 is partially based on flight test data.
> And Both the Fokker 70/100 and Fokker 50 use available data where possible.
> None of them are extensively validated though (although I do trust the 
> windtunnel and test-flight data).

Now, maybe I was trolling a bit when I started this, but replies like
this (and Curt Olson's) make it seem quite worthwhile!

I'd never been able to find any claims on accuracy of FlightGear's FDMs;
not from the FG website, the FAQs nor trawling the devel-list archives.
And yet, here it is!

Surely someone ought at least to mention this level of FDM fidelity on
the FAQ? It could only help increase FG's street-cred.

It's been interesting watching Josh's comments during the B29
development cycle, seeing what he could get from published diagrams, and
what he had to estimate. It will be even more interesting if/when he can
coax some of the current pilots of restored B29s to have a go.

Good luck, Josh. I suspect you'll need a force-feedback control column
though or the real pilots will complain that they can't "feel" the


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