Melchior FRANZ wrote:

Cool. I've played with an extreme (urine?) yellow in the material dialog.
I wanted to make the "red" slider red, the "green" slider green, etc.,
but this does apparently only work for the top level dialog.

Yep, I still need to sort that out a bit.

> BTW: it
adds a little vertical extra space on top (and uglifies my inconsistent
fake window close buttons. ;-)

I'm not sure I follow this, I can't see anything obviously wrong and in fact it shouldn't.

Did you have some special intents with the color? Some color coding
(one color for aircraft specific dialogs, one for weather, one for
autopilot stuff, etc.), or simply theming? Anyway, I like it.  :-)

Yes, I do have something in mind but I'm not even nearly close to that. It might not happen at all (although I do hope so). In the mean time it's just fun to play with :-)


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