Hello all,

This is probably one for Andy R.

I've got two flight models in development that use the YASim 
turbine engine and although they both solve and fly reasonably 
(bearing in mind that they are both pre-alpha and I've done less 
than 15 minutes on each) the fuel flow figures are of the order 
of several hundred million gallons/hour.  No - that's not a typo 
- several hundred millions of gallons per hour.

Heh - although I said that they flew reasonably well for first 
attempts I should have added that this was with empty fuel tanks 
- as soon as the sim starts the tanks are drained:)

There's a .tar.gz of the TU-114 YASim config on-line at


While there's certainly a lot of guesswork in the config I can't 
see, or even imagine, anything that would lead to these 
fuel-flow rates.

The second 'problem' may not be a problem at all but just a 
mis-configuration in the same TU-114 config.  Although I've 
included contra="1" tags I still appear to be getting prop 
induced roll.

I've also included moment tags but these are un-calculated place 
holder figures until I can work some proper numbers out but I 
thought that these were effectively ignored if contra="1" was 


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