* Jim Wilson -- Wednesday 13 April 2005 23:35:
>The extra info that could be added would be little tips on starting the engine 
>or taking off.  Only unique bits, not a whole POH.  I'm thinking maybe one or 
>two lines in addition to the bindings.

OK. I'm playing with something like this now:

                <desc>select next/previous variant</desc>

            <line>This is a test line.</line>
            <line>And this is another one.</line>

Someone could argue that there should only be a list of keys and that the
dialog should then pick the key descriptions that we have already. But this
would mean less flexibility and a lot more lines (c and C in extra lines). (?)

>  On the help menu too so folks don't need to know the ?.   

This shouldn't be hard then. But first things first.  :-)


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