Luuk van Hal wrote:

I'm still working on the unknow IO option but now I have some doubts about my way of compiling because it seems that none of my changes help.
Every time I adjust my code, I save the file and I do: ./configure , make , make install .....does it work this way?

Once you have run ./configure you shouldn't need to do that again unless something in the top level automake system has changed. You should only need to run "make" after any code change.

When you run "make install" take a close look at the output and watch where it installs fgfs.  Then type 
"which fgfs".  Make sure those two match.  From what you are saying I'm starting to wonder if you might have 
another copy of flightgear installed on your system, and that's getting run rather than your newly compiled version.  
You can always "cd ..../FlightGear/source/src/Main/" and run "./fgfs" just to be certain you are 
getting the right executable.


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