Harald JOHNSEN wrote:


I did some research on 3D clouds for some time and finaly got something not too bad. I've started to add that to SimGear this week end, here are the first alpha screen shots :


I have alse some code nearly ready for rain, snow and lightnings.

My next step will be the automatic generation of the cloud layers depending on the METAR data, I have allready found some plausible rules to generate the right kind of clouds based on altitude, wind, dew point, etc.

Well, the idea is to have a visual environment almost realist and why not, not so far from real weather.


Are you using the techniques and algorithms devleoped by Mark Harris that are currently in SimGear? You might want to read his dissertation posted on his web site. Mark has since gone on to greener pastures working for Nvidia.

I don't think there are any snapshots on the website.

John W.

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