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So I guess you'll be working on getting a GPL'd, general-use option

..not yet, I'm scheeming a renderfarm stunt; some new 2'nd hand HW shop
here says they got 200 Celeron 850's handy, so that got me thinking
about picking this: sweet spot for a wee while. ;o) this 200 node farm would need about 40, 50 to 60kWe, which I would like to feed off a genset or 2 burning gas which I would make off
pelletized sewer sludge in my trusty old thermochemical gasifier. ;o), a 320,000 BogoMips rig running on poo for half a day, oughtta be
able to do flyable software rendering for FlightGear at 1600x1200?   ;o)

..what else can I do with this stunt rig, make our new global scenery?

How you going to keep that beast cool? If you put all those machines in a single room and turned them on, they'd probably melt through the earth's crust in an hour or two. :-)


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