Selon Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I wrote:
> > >4. I have a warning on a non standard extension used on
> > >    naRef array[];
> >
> > This one is new, but I honestly thought it was a standard C89 feature.
> > Can you post the warning?  Or is there a #pragma I can use to turn it
> > off?
> I just looked it up.  This one is actually a C99 feature, not C89.  If
> MSVC (or the SGI or Sun compilers) doesn't support it, I can use a
> slightly more complicated variant by declaring it as an array of one
> member and diddling the allocation math.
> I strongly suspect that it does work, though, since your compiler
> called it a "non-standard* extension" and not a parse error.  In which
> case it ought to be sufficient to find the #pragma that disables the
> warning.
> * Which is silly, because what is ISO C99 if not a standard? :)

This is only a warning. Maybe I am too strict on the warning level. But this is
the least of the problem.


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