This is now in cvs. There are the following components:

Menu: Help/Basic keys            (zooming, view cycling, etc.)
      Help/Common Aircraft Keys  (brakes, flaps, autopilot)
      Help/Aircraft Help         (aircraft specific keys, performance data,
      Debug/Development Keys     (reload panel, etc.)

Keyboard:  ?-Key                 shows *and* hides the "Aircraft Help" dialog
                                 that is also available via Menu

All dialogs can be closed with the <Return> key. The syntax for help
information is documented in $FG_ROOT/Nasa/gui.nas:

      <title>dialog title<title>
          <desc>gear up/down</desc>

      <line>one line</line>
      <line>another line</line>

      <text>text in
            scrollable widget

Each of the components can be ommitted. The title defaults to /sim/description
if available, or to /sim/aircraft else. Only the first <text> is used.

I've added help information to _all_ *-set.xml files. In many cases it contains
keyboard shortcuts, and in some cases performance data and operation 
(see the Concorde and the p51d). For the rest there's only an empty dialog 
with the aircraft name as title. (The system falls back to the "Common Aircraft
Keys" if an aircraft has no help definition at all.)

I didn't ask any of the aircraft maintainers for permission, and of course
each of them can change/extend/remove the help information or parts thereof. I
won't complain. :-)  Also, I'm not entitled to make the policy for help 
but I'd say it should contain everything that is useful for the pilot! The'
history of aviation is *not*, the stall speed probably is. The shortcuts 
are. ("Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler." :-)

The puLargeInput widget has a few problems that will have to get fixed in plib.

Some of the "Development" keys don't seem to work and should be removed in
both gui.nas and keyboard.xml if they aren't supported any more. Didn't 
this yet (example: toggle textures)

Some keys aren't considered yet (view commands: will probably add them to "Basic
Keys"; obscure commands: "toggle fullscreen (3DFX only)".)


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