Selon Andy Ross:

> Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> > I found where it is not C : you don't always declare local
> > variables at the beginning of functions but you have the C++
> > habit to declare them as you need them.
> ... which is a well-established feature of the (now 6-year-old!)
> C99 standard.  It's not a "C++" thing.  And GCC stopped warning
> about this (in C mode, under -Wall) several years ago.  You need
> to engage -ansi and disable --std=c99 to see stuff like this.

I am not here to endorse Microsoft choices, but I see little point to use C
syntax when C++ is available and is the language of choice for the overall
FlightGear project. However, the link below should clarify Microsoft point of
view :

Not speaking about the fact that a lot of people are still using the v6 version
that was released in 1998.

Thanks for committing the patch.


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