Andy Ross wrote:

I don't follow the logic.  If that were the true, then the only
"valid" result of running a C compiler would be a pre-struct K&R
thing, no? :)

You don't bother to turn on a switch to enable structs or function
prototypes, you just expect them to be there.  Similarly you didn't
need to to enable other non-C89 features like "//" comments or the
empty array declaration.  So why isn't MIPSpro behaving "badly" in
*exactly* the same way by supporting these things without requiring a
command line extension?

I can fix the code to match compiler limitations.  But I'm at a loss for
why you think it is somehow GCC's fault for generating correct output
for correct source code by default...

It's quite simple, SGI has the zero warning compiling philosophy; No build will be shipped if it generates a warning. It has gained them the reputation of being one of the most stable UNIX variants available.

Now, c89 and c99 are incompatible in that way, you can't compile c89 code without warnings on a c99 compiler, or visa versa.


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