On Tuesday, 19 April 2005 08:21, eagle monart wrote:
> i tried to used fgsd  but terrains are made in triangles not in squares an
> it looks impossible to tile what you want . a

It's impossible to tile textures properly in FG.
FG uses an irregular triangle mesh and not square tiles like MSFS.
Even if you managed to tile a texture across the mesh you would still end up 
with a mess around the edges of the texture where the triangles don't end on 
the edge of the textures.
You would need to clip a texture into the mesh for it to work properly and in 
the process you end up with a grid or semi tile based system.   :)

> now    i am looking for  information on importing bgl sceneries from msfs.
> Build terrain&tiling in msfs terrain generators and convert&import scenery
> in fgfs (sure i have to import tiles) and then add static objects in fgsd.

Currently there are no tools to do what you want to do and you would have to 
do some serious work on the FG scenery code to support what you want to do.

> any idea?

You have a few options
1. Learn to live with the FG scenery
2. Code a new or highly modified FG scenery engine
3. Go back to MSFS and pretend you never saw FG


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