Paul Surgeon wrote:
On Tuesday, 19 April 2005 08:21, eagle monart wrote:

i tried to used fgsd  but terrains are made in triangles not in squares an
it looks impossible to tile what you want . a

It's impossible to tile textures properly in FG.
FG uses an irregular triangle mesh and not square tiles like MSFS.
Even if you managed to tile a texture across the mesh you would still end up with a mess around the edges of the texture where the triangles don't end on the edge of the textures.
You would need to clip a texture into the mesh for it to work properly and in the process you end up with a grid or semi tile based system. :)

Not strictly true.

The contents of /src/Prep/Photo in the terragear source will (assuming it's not broken) allow you to drape a texture over the terrain - this will work for small areas of photo scenery - the problem being the lack of texture paging.

This does of course require you to rebuild the appropriate scenery tiles from source data.


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