Arnt Karlsen wrote:

..ok ;o), did your server do any of the build work, or "just" control
the build and collect the built tiles?

..I have 3 AMD Duron sitting here, one 1.3 and 2 1.2's, all IDE, and
clientele hardware, and my own junk, a noisy old 2x550 P3 with swap on 5 9G SCSI's, plus some IDE space, and another pile of _old_ junk the equivalent of a 1GHz box, to play with to do dry test runs, and
that could help do the next scenery if I miss this 200 node opportunity,
there will always be some boxes in those lease firm batches with bad
memory or some cpu mod to have it stand out of the herd, so I play with heterogenous clustering. And thermochemical gasification. ;o)

I realize you are trying to nail down exactly how much effort is involved in crunching a world scenery build, but I'm not sure I can answer with as much detail as you are hoping for. I know I didn't run a build process on the server, it just handled nfs. In the early days of the project, I could run an entire build in a few hours on a 25 node linux cluster, but I don't have access to that any more, at least not at a level where I can abuse it.

You might find you need to stop the build, fiddle around, restart it, do various things along the way. If you've got a couple boxes, setup terrager and and play with it, and I think you'll have a much better idea of what's involved. Then if you do get access to a large number of machines, you'll be ready to go and won't have to waste time coming up to speed.



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