> >I'm running today's CVS FlightGear on a linux box.  When flying a JSBSim
> >aircraft and hitting the F3 key to get a screen capture the aircraft goes
> > out of control  (looks like a spin, from the external view).  The screen
> > capture works fine otherwise.
> >
> I could see this happening if you have the autopilot engaged ... there
> will be a pause to write the screenshot to disk.  The dynamics will then
> need to 'catch up' to real time afterwards and run a number of extra
> iterations.  However, the autopilot code runs at the FlightGear level so
> all these extra iterations run with the same exact control inputs ...

This is with autopilot off.  Also, I'm using the mouse for control and have no 
joystick installed.  This might be a mouse thing?


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