Hi ---

I am having a problem generating airports within TerraGear.  I have been
following the recipe from the TerraGear.README file and downloaded Robin
Peel's database of airports and managed to create the basic.dat and the
runways.dat file.  

When I tried to use the genapt utility first I had to create a directory
poly_counter and now I am getting an error:

        Unknown line in file: A E46   3799 CNN 02 Ranch 
 This is the first line in the runways.dat file.  Is there an issue with
the file format?  I downloaded source for TerraGear 9.8

I also had to rename my terrain directory to match the default one
../work/STRM-United_States-1  is this correct?

Another question:  Can one build scenery using high resolution terrain
DB (i.e. SRTM 1 arcsec) in areas of interest and use lower resolution
data (GTOPO) in other areas?  If it's possible, how would I do this?
What if I have 3m DEM data for a very small area (much less than a
1degx1deg coverage) --- Can I merge this data in to the terrain too?
How does the system handle scale of the DEMs and merging of data?   



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