Martin Spott wrote:
> Andy Ross wrote:
> > Can anyone else on a big endian system (Mac, Sparc) see the same
> > or a similar problem?
> I would do if I could - I'm still busy with digging through "Port
> me!  Platforms that don't have <stdint.h> ...." errors in
> src/FDM/ExternalNet/ on Solaris,

The typedefs in net_crtls.hxx should be correct for Sparc32 too.  Have
you tried something like this in src/Network/net_ctrls.hxx:

- #elif defined( _MSC_VER ) || defined(__MINGW32__)
+ #elif defined( _MSC_VER ) || defined(__MINGW32__) || defined(__solaris__)

You will also need to add the following above that test to make sure
the (windows-specific) __int64 type is defined (someone correct me if
I'm wrong: long long exists and is 64 bits wide on both sparc32 and
sparc64, right?)

#ifdef __solaris__
typedef long long __int64


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