On Wednesday, 20 April 2005 15:51, Corrubia, Stacie K wrote:
> Hi ---
> I am having a problem generating airports within TerraGear.  I have been
> following the recipe from the TerraGear.README file and downloaded Robin
> Peel's database of airports and managed to create the basic.dat and the
> runways.dat file.

Why not just use the airport database files that come with FlightGear?
You can check them out of CVS without downloading the entire data package if 
you like.

> When I tried to use the genapt utility first I had to create a directory
> poly_counter and now I am getting an error:
>         Unknown line in file: A E46   3799 CNN 02 Ranch
>  This is the first line in the runways.dat file.  Is there an issue with
> the file format?  I downloaded source for TerraGear 9.8

I've seen that one before and in my case it was a UNIX vs MS line termination 

Both Unix and Windows make use of ASCII encoded files; however, the standard 
used for line termination is slightly different.
For Unix, lines are terminated with a single "line feed" (0Ah) code.
For MS-DOS (and Windows), lines are terminated with a "carriage return" (0Dh) 
and "line feed" (0Ah) pair of codes.

Use unix2dos or dos2unix to fix the end of line termination problem.


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