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Hi ---

I am having a problem generating airports within TerraGear. I have been
following the recipe from the TerraGear.README file and downloaded Robin
Peel's database of airports and managed to create the basic.dat and the
runways.dat file.

When I tried to use the genapt utility first I had to create a directory
poly_counter and now I am getting an error:

Unknown line in file: A E46 3799 CNN 02 Ranch This is the first line in the runways.dat file. Is there an issue with
the file format? I downloaded source for TerraGear 9.8

I also had to rename my terrain directory to match the default one
../work/STRM-United_States-1  is this correct?

Another question: Can one build scenery using high resolution terrain
DB (i.e. SRTM 1 arcsec) in areas of interest and use lower resolution
data (GTOPO) in other areas? If it's possible, how would I do this?
What if I have 3m DEM data for a very small area (much less than a
1degx1deg coverage) --- Can I merge this data in to the terrain too?
How does the system handle scale of the DEMs and merging of data?

Don't forget that the latest FG CVS uses the latest airport data from Dave (which is essentially the latest data from Robin Peel's site + some FG stuff merged in.)

One minor note is that the latest latest data doesn't seem to be linked from this page. You can get it directly here:



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