On Wednesday 20 April 2005 19:41, Dave Culp wrote:
> > What happens if you: start FG, display the hud, put the
> > mouse into control mode, make a half deflection of the
> > control surfaces, so that none of them hit their end-stops,
> > and then hit F3?  Do the controls move back to their
> > centered position or do they end up randomly placed?
> When I hit F3 the cursor goes to the bottom-left of the
> screen.  The ailerons and elevator are displaced.  If I find
> the new neutral position and right-click three times to
> re-enter control mode, then the cursor re-centers.
> So, F3 causes the cursor to displace very far.  When the
> screen capture is complete the model has already started
> tumbling.
> Dave

Couple of points to bear in mind:

1.  I've only tried with the a/c stationary on the ground and 
this may make a difference.

2.  when I looked at the screen shot I noticed that the controls 
were in the deflected position, so the pointer, and therefore 
the controls were re-centered after the screen shot data had 
been collected.

What happens after the screen shot data is collected?  The save 
dialogue pops up.

But if your pointer isn't being re-centered but moved to the 
bottom left corner...  Hmm...  Well, they're both candidate 
locations for re-setting the pointer.

P.S.  Just spotted Curt's and Norman's messages.  I didn't notice 
if the pointer was visible when I tested earlier so I just did 
another screen shot while the mouse was in control mode and 
found that the pointer wasn't visible at all.

Guessing:  The pointer is temporarily disabled when a screen 
capture is done, and is then reset afterwards.


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