Drew wrote:

I'm trying to find an easy way to make the screen go black in the
FlightGear window...sort of like a camera failure for a UAV.  Does
anyone know if there's a property I can adjust to do this, or where
the code can be modified?  Also, has anyone ever modeled 'static' in
the visual image to represent a camera image going bad?

I tried updating the /sim/rendering/draw-otw property during run-time,
but that had no effect. It only seems to work from preferences.xml,
but then the image goes white, not black.

If you run at night it should go black ... basically you are seeing the fog color. I don't know how to directly model static ... it's probably possible by rendering to a buffer and then postprocessing the buffer before displaying it. You could play with the monitor cable maybe or even pipe the monitor output into a scan converter, pipe that into a wireless video transmitter, then on to a reciever and back to a video monitor ... you could play with object placement and shielding to get the necessary amount of static. :-)


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