Drew wrote:
> I tried downloading the tar archive of the latest CVS flightear, but
> it doesn't compile with the latest release of SimGear.  Is there an
> archive somewhere of a development SimGear version, or will I have
> to install a CVS client to get this code?  I'm using Windows, and
> have never used CVS before.  I can't be wasting too much time on
> this...too many other things to do.

This isn't wasted time.  Learning to use CVS to synch to open source
projects will be a skill you use for the rest of your life (or at
least until everyone moves onto subversion or darcs or arch or
whatever).  Like it or not, limiting yourself to released versions of
software kinda makes you a second class citizen in this world.  If you
want to participate in development discussions and test the bleeding
edge features, you need to speak the same language as the rest of the
developers. :)

I assume you are using cygwin?  In which case you want you can run the
setup.exe program you find at http://www.cygwin.com, check off the
"cvs" box, and let the download/installation finish.

Then just follow the instructions on the websites.  SimGear and
FlightGear are pretty much identical:


Basically, for each archive you do a "cvs login", followed by a "cvs
co".  Then you run an "autogen.sh" script in each to generate the
configure script, then run them like you normally do.


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