Frederic Bouvier wrote

> Drew a écrit :
> >>I don't buy that argument. It's easier to grow with fgfs in small
> >>steps than to adapt everything after major releases. Following the
> >>cvslogs mailing list is usually enough, and there isn't such a fast
> >>progress anyway.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Ok, I'm trying to take your advice, and get a later version of the
> source.
> >
> >I tried downloading the tar archive of the latest CVS flightear, but
> >it doesn't compile with the latest release of SimGear.  Is there an
> >archive somewhere of a development SimGear version, or will I have to
> >install a CVS client to get this code?  I'm using Windows, and have
> >never used CVS before.  I can't be wasting too much time on this...too
> >many other things to do.
> >
> >
> It is very easy with this tool :
> When using CVS, you have to keep SimGear, FlightGear and the data in
> sync, but it is just a few click with Wincvs.

I use Wincvs and Cygwin. I find that using Wincvs on the source code can
muck things up for compiling on Cygwin, but it's just great for data, diffs
individual source code files etc - just be careful when downloading the full
source code. I haven't investigated it fully, but it seems to be a root
issue. No worries, Cygwin comes with an easy to use command line version of
cvs - just follow the instructions.



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