On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 08:16 -0700, Andy Ross wrote:
> Oliver C. wrote:
> > How does X-Plane 8.1 solve that?
> It's not that terribly hard: store the texture mesh (2D, from the land
> use data) and polygon mesh (3D, from the elevation data) separately
> and do an intersection test when generating them (or even at load
> time).
> If the textures are allowed to overlap, you'll need to do multipass
> stuff or use a multitexture renderer, obviously.

Another (somewhat lossy) option is to just create new texture maps from
the originals. Take 2 scenery triangles (that share an edge) of roughly
the same size and create a square/rectangular texture to cover them with
whatever resolution you need. Then fill this texture by sampling the
originals. Not all your samples will come from the same texture in the
original, but when you're done, FG won't have the added complexity.

There are lots of ways to do the sampling, but simply grabbing the
nearest texel would be the simplest first attempt and will likely be
necessary for more complex methods. It's a little lossy but keeps the
complexity in the scenery generation rather than the renderer. If you've
got higher resolution imagery than you want in your textures, it starts
to become the perfect solution because the losses vanish as this ratio


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