> I intend to use FG as a "viewer". I have an application that manipulate
> aircrafts, boats and more, and I'd like to see them living in a 3D world.
> I saw that in FG there is an AIManager that can do what I want. If I've
> understood its function, it manipulates AIBase objects which have a
> position and an attitude (that's all I need). I then have to create AIBase
> objects corresponding to the entity living in my first application and then
> refresh properties of AIBase objects.
> * Is this possible ? I think I will integrate this in FG code...

I haven't seen this done yet, but it seems plausible.  So far we have only 
used the descendant classes of AIBase so that we get a basic FDM that allows 
the objects to move by themselves.  If you will be providing for the movement 
of these objects using some other process, then you won't need the descendant 
classes.  I think this will work, but you may have to look through the 
AIManager to see if it can handle AI objects that don't use a descendant 
class.  Some small changes might be needed.

> * If I'm right I won't need any FDM. What should I do in FG code to
> remove/disable this feature ?

I believe a null FDM is possible?  If not, then the UFO FDM might be the 
simplest solution for you.

> * Is it possible to attach the viewer on an AIBase object ? If it is, how
> can I do it ?

Don't know.  The AI objects report their position to a property, so the 
location of each object is known.  If you are providing the AI FDM from 
another application then you already know the AI object's location and 


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