Hi people,

I intend to use FG as a "viewer". I have an application that manipulate
aircrafts, boats and more, and I'd like to see them living in a 3D world.
I saw that in FG there is an AIManager that can do what I want. If I've
understood its function, it manipulates AIBase objects which have a position and
an attitude (that's all I need). I then have to create AIBase objects
corresponding to the entity living in my first application and then refresh
properties of AIBase objects.
* Is this possible ? I think I will integrate this in FG code...

* If I'm right I won't need any FDM. What should I do in FG code to
remove/disable this feature ?

* Is it possible to attach the viewer on an AIBase object ? If it is, how can I
do it ?

All remarks are welcomed and thanks in advance for your answers.



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