Heh, it's been a fun day.  I woke up with one of those great insights
where you realize that something you thought was difficult just isn't.
In this case, it was the lack of "+=" syntax (and -=, *=, /= and ~= of
course) in Nasal.  They're checked in now.

I also threw in a forindex(i; list) loop syntax, which works exactly
the way the foreach() loop does, except that the variable gets the
index instead of the element of the list.

Finally, there's now a slight esoteric bind() function in the standard
library that allows you to dynamically modify the lexical environment
of a compiled function (really cool, if not necessarily
FlightGear-appropriate example to follow this email).

And all of the above was achieved in just 56 lines of new code.  Like
I said, it's been a fun day.  Things look pretty solid to the test
code I've written.  Let me know if anything breaks.


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