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I have added the new 3d clouds code from Harald Johnson to CVS. The code is not yet perfect (the movements to the viewer needs some tweaking) but the effects are really nice. I hope we can figure out the problems and eliminate them because the results are even better than I had expected!

Another thing is that it seems to depend on glut functions which need to be resolved for SDL users also.

A third problem is that it uses the RenderTexture class which hasn't been implemented for MacOS-X yet.

Anyway, en

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Ok let's see the different problems :

- use of RenderTexture class on MacOs : I didn't know (and didn't look very hard either), I am wondering if its is not implemented in the cvs tree of SDL, should check that.

- poping clouds when rotating view : I don't think I had this bug, will recheck that, perhaps it depends on the location.

- FPS droping from 40 to 10 and can't disable clouds : try to set 0 in texture cache size to disable but I must admit that this code was a bit bugged, its allready corrected at home. Also there was another bug, a lot of computation were done even for impostors.
Never push the visibility of 3d clouds behind 30000 meters.
Also try to set the texture cache to 1024k, that should give a lot of impostors. The default number of impostor is not right and that's why you have a degradation of fps.

- fog bug : ok I think I have not re-enable fog


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