Am Samstag 23 April 2005 19:58 schrieb Arnt Karlsen:
> > Nevertheless we have way too much restrictions here in Germany, with
> > new ones  developed at an increasing rate after 9/11 (I'm currently
> > filling a "Request  for a security check" of my very own person :-( )
> ..huh???  This is so you can walk to 'n from your plane and preflight
> etc it at your local and other airports?

No, they just wanna make sure, that I'm not intending a spot landing in the 
next high rise (everybody would tell, wouldn't he?). It's just in a line with 
all the other "big brother" laws that came up lately. The only difference 
here in Germany is that I have to request that security check myself.

Hopefully one day they'll spot the error in the GA pilot = terrorist 
assumption... :-(


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