* Vivian Meazza -- Sunday 24 April 2005 20:41:
> Andy Ross wrote
> >    `A`   @A   $A   %A   &A   @"A"   $"A"   %"A"   &"A"   c"A"
> Anything but `A` - I'm bound to misread that in the future sometime. I
> favour a function.

Hmm ... and I changed my mind and would now find `A` a reasonable choice. :-P

` and ' *are* different characters. They *have* to look different, otherwise
they are pointless. Every Unix shell considers them functionallly different.
Nobody has complained )to me) so far. If a font doesn't show a clear difference,
then it's the font that is broken, not the glyph. And then, with proper syntax
coloring a character and a string constant have different colors.

Alternatively, take TeX's syntax:  `\A  ... for extra geek points.  ;-)


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