Harald JOHNSEN wrote:

> I have another probleme with wincvs.
> In the list of files in the explorer nearly all files have an 'unknown'
> state. So i don't have the diff choice when I right click on them.
> I've tried an update with the command line but that does not chance
> anything. Its a fresh install of wincvs 2.x but I had the same with the
> 1.3.
> Harald.

I'm absolutely not a WinCVS guru. What I know about it has been learned
mostly by trial and error (some of the former and lots of the latter). The
documentation, shall we say, leaves a lot to be desired.

So here goes. What are the extensions of the unknown status files? Many
files in the source code are generated by the compiler, and are therefore
not in the repository (sorry, BGOTO) extensions .a, .o .exe fall into this
category. Files which you have generated and are not in the repository also
have the status unknown. Some editors spew these like crazy; they are hidden
in windows explorer, but not in WinCVS.

Try selecting a directory (make sure it's not one in which you have modified
files - that's not fatal, but recovering your work is a darned nuisance -,
then Modify > Update. On the update screen select 'create missing
directories' and 'get the clean copy'. See what happens.

Next, open some directory in windows explorer and delete the files which
have status unknown (but are not .a .o. or .exe) See what happens - they
should get the status missing. (If they don't they are probably not in the
repository in the first place.) Then try the above again to restore them.

Finally, if none of this addresses the problem, you can always delete the
directories and start over. I've had to do that several times when my copy
and the cvs copy just got too far out of line. The good thing about the
later versions of WinCVS is that it pretty much works, but it's not all that
intuitive and takes some figuring out.

Hope none of this is teaching grandmother to suck eggs. 


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