* Innis Cunningham -- Tuesday 26 April 2005 19:00:
> My knowledge of  Nasal is limited that is to say none.But
> I will have a look at what you have said below and see
> how things work out.

You don't need to understand Nasal to copy the lines into A380-set.xml,
and to replace "foo" by "A380" and to adapt the property paths.  :-)
But learning a bit of Nasal is a good idea in any case.

Maybe Fred can show us how that could be done with a "timed" animation
alone. When I tried it I first had problems because there was no documentation
about the "personality" feature[1], and then it crashed fgfs routinely.
Back then I was only interested in strobes, not in fixing a segfault. ;-)


[1] there *is* some documentation, though: it's in the cvs log of

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