Is there any way to do a repeated image capture in FG?  I have thought about
a few things, but none seems to work how I want.
I would like to build a movie, and would start out by just saving snapshots,
then, after I am done, building up the movie.
I thought that I might be able to write a simple script that will telnet to
FG, then issue the "run screen-capture"  command repeatedly.  The problem is
that when I do that, it works the first time, but it brings up the dialog
box that says where the image was saved, and requires me to click OK.  If I
just repeat the command, without hitting OK, then the next image has this
dialog box in the middle.
I also figured that I could try to write a simple script to capture stuff
from an HTTP connection.  I tried to run with --jpg-http=5432  but then I
get an error "Unkown option".  I think this might be because I did not do my
initial SimGear build with --with-jpeg-factory.  But I figured I would try
to confirm this by asking, and that it should work OK before I do a rebuild?
There was some discussion on the list a little while back that this feature
was not working correctly at the time.  Will that likely do the job?  How
much of a performance hit will there be to do the jpeg compression?

I am running on a Mac, and I know that there are a few shareware
applications that will do screen captures, but it seems like it should be
able to be done without purchasing software.

Any other suggestions?


-- Adam

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